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Welcome to Midwest Pulmonary and Sleep Specialists where our goal is to help you breathe and sleep better.  Many people underestimate the power of the lungs in the human body and we are here to help protect that very vital organ.  The lung is the most important respiratory organ used on a daily basis — for many without even thinking about it.  For those with diseases like COPD, asthma and lung cancer, a simple breath is not so easy to take.  We are here to help!

A good night’s sleep is something also taken for granted.  Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common of three forms of apnea and is characterized by loud snoring and an interruption to breathing by a physical block to airflow.  Individuals with sleep apnea are rarely aware that they are affected by this disorder and may go several years untreated until a loved one or another witness notices the effects it has on the body.  Effects of sleep apnea include daytime sleepiness, decreased alertness and a potential for developing coronary artery disease and post-operative complications.

Dr. McKinnis and his medical team are here to help make your breathing and sleeping an easier experience for you.  We are dedicated to giving you vital information that will help you through the diseases and disorders that affect daily breathing.  Please call us with any questions and concerns. Dr. McKinnis and his staff will be sure to answer all patient questions promptly and completely to your satisfaction.